About Us

The Team

Swifty Buys Houses is made of a team of individuals that understand your needs as a homeowner and are dedicated to helping you sell your house fast so that you can get your cash even faster.

Amanda Gladin

Being in real estate for nearly a decade, Amanda puts into action the plan that works best for your timeline and financial situation. She helps to figure out all the details to make you aware of the options that work best for your situation. She has worked for some of the biggest real estate companies in Houston. As well as, worked directly with a network of ready-to-buy home investors, however she felt there was a better way to sell your home quickly without focusing on the profit for the company and more on the situation of the seller. It is hard to get someone the money they need for their house, when you have over head to compete with.

Brandon Gladin

With over 20 years of customer service experience. This has allowed him to gain the knowledge he needs to best assess your needs. Brandon will consult with you about your situation, explore your options, remove those pesky hurdles, and develop a plan that will help you sell your home fast and get you the quick cash that you need.

Who is Swifty?

Meet Swifty and Learn How he started in Real Estate!

You may wonder “Why Swifty?” Well I am here to tell you that Swifty did not get his start in the real estate business. He is actually very near and dear to us. Swifty is a character from some children books written by my husband, Brandon. They are in the process of being published as you read this, and are scheduled to be released Mid 2018.

Our daughter, Kyleigh, has a lot of psychological and emotional challenges that she faces on a day-to-day basis, and for a long time, she beat herself up about it because she believed that she was the only one having troubles. There are not very many children’s book options about the day-to-day life of a child with ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, or several other emotional disturbance type disorders. She is an intelligent and beautiful soul with what most would consider “impairments,” but she faces them everyday with strength and courage.

The characters in the book were created in our family’s likeness, to bring light and comfort to the lives of children that they help. Kyleigh is “Doodle,” and she is the daughter of “Daddy Doo” in the books. Daddy Doo is Swifty outside of his family realm, but an awesome father and relatable person. He faces his days with Kyleigh with patience and understanding. He uses these qualities in every aspect of his life, from the little girl at home; to the people he assists with solving their problems with real estate that they own.

– Amanda Gladin