Aging Out of a Home: How Houston Home Buyers Help // Swifty Buys Houses

Posted on August 16, 2018 by Amanda & Brandon Gladin

Houston home buyers are enabling the housing market in more ways than just buying buildings.. Much more goes into the sale of a long term home than getting the house on the market and making a sale.

I want to tell you about a client of mine. Her grandmother lived in the same home for over 55 years, married to the same man for 62. They lived full beautiful lives with 3 kids and filled their house with memories. Soon enough the kids moved, the grandparents age… and now their home is just too much for them to realistically maintain.

This is what aging out of a home looks like. And Houston home buyers can help.

It can be a difficult transition because it’s not just about making the sale. It’s about “house-cleaning,” and not all of that is literal cleaning. Houston home buyers aid mature home owners to transition smoothly.

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Benefits of Utilizing Houston Home Buyers

What kinds of issues and house cleaning are we talking about here?

Let’s cover some of the ways Houston home buyers can help tie up loose ends.

Houston Home buyers can help you move

A lot goes into moving from a home that has been occupied for a lifetime. My client’s grandmother, for example, could no longer access the upstairs of her home because of her physical ability.

Home buyers are perfect for these types of scenarios to assist in clean up, packing, storage… Utilizing other people’s expertise is going to save time and stress.

Home buyers can help find a new place to live

Years of experience afford home buyers with lists of resources and contacts they have made over the years. They may be able to assist in vetting new facilities and making recommendations for local living options.

These buyers are motivated to create a smooth transition any way they can.

Home buyers can help with title issues

There are many “technical difficulties” that can occur during the sale of a house. If the title or any other red tape issues come up, a Houston home buyer would be able to easily manage unforeseen issues.

Essentially if there is anything holding you back from being able to comfortably age out of the home, a Houston home buyer is going to have prior experience with the issue and a solution in mind.

Process for Contacting a Houston Home Buyer

Now that we know why choosing to go with a home buyer might be your best option, here is a simple overview of the process for contacting a buyer and what to expect.

  1. Submit your info: You may decide to let a realtor help you pull comparables for your property and come up with a proposal to a potential home buyer.
  2. Get a call back: After submitting your proposal, a buyer will call you if interested.
  3. Provide info: Be prepared to answer questions; feel free to ask them, too!
  4. Accept or reject the quote: Now it’s time to make a decision! Feel free to counter offer. Your realtor should assist in this process as well.

Life transitions are never easy, but what makes anything in life more manageable is the help and support from other people.

Home buying is not just about business and profit; it’s about understanding the story behind the home which lives in the heart of the homeowner. If you are looking for advice or support to age out of your home gracefully, Houston home buyers can help.