Copper Mill Project

Posted on February 25, 2017 by chrisbibbs



Swifty Buys Houses comes to the rescue of a distressed home owner.

12700 block of Copper Mill – Our client was in serious distress about this house and needed out of it quickly. The home had plenty of issues, including damage in the drywall, damaged bathroom tile, and plenty of other issues. This was as distressed of a home as we have ever seen.

They never believed that they would find anyone to get them out of the house so that they could move forward.

We got the home out of their hands in only 8 days.

No matter how many issues your home may have, we will do everything we to help you sell your house quickly. Swifty Buys Houses specializes in quickly selling distressed Houston area properties like this one on Copper Mill. When time is running out, you need to move Swifty.

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