How to Sell a Houston House FAST // 10 Simple Steps to Expedite a Sale

Posted on August 31, 2018 by Amanda & Brandon Gladin

Real estate moves quickly, and with our busy lives these days you may be wondering how do I sell a Houston house fast? You’ve come to the right place because we have some of the simplest, most actionable suggestions you can take to get your house off the market.

Sell a Houston House FAST

#1: Make sure your home is presentable.

To sell a Houston house fast, you are going to want the property in peak condition for market. This means making minor repairs, staging and creating a neutral pallet.

#2: Think about first impressions.

The first thing a buyer sees is the outside of the home. Think curb appeal. What does the buyer see upon pulling up to the house for the first time? Make it green, clean and organized.

#3: Simple cleaning around the home is vital.

It’s easy as a homeowner to get used to minor flaws within the home, and these are the little things that can be a major eyesore to shoppers. Dust, vacuum, get those cobwebs, clean the windows…

#4: Give buyers a neutral pallet to work with.

One of the most exciting parts about home buying is making a new space your own and visualizing your new house. Help buyers see the potential and you will sell a Houston house fast. Declutter and depersonalize the home by removing family photos and outrageous colors and other personal effects.

#5: Stage the home.

Think about sound, smell, sight… Play music or light a candle. Staging also involves creating focal points, conversation areas, easy access points to all rooms and suggested arrangement ideas. If you want to sell a Houston house fast, make the space look bigger by storing as much personal belongings as possible; empty closets, remove extra furniture and make sure walkways are clear and sensical.

#6: Price the home properly.

A big mistake sellers make is pricing a house incorrectly. Don’t over or under value.

Low Prices are NOT the Enemy

Lower prices on a house increase the perceived value to potential buyers. Often times this results in a bidding war that may increase the price of the home past what you’d hoped for. Considering similar listings will help you to price competitively and fairly.

#7: Get an inspection.

Inspections can uncover unseen issues. This way you don’t have to reevaluate after a buyer mhas an inspector comes in. If you want to sell a Houston house fast, getting your own inspection done will save the buyer time and expedite the selling process.

#8: Extra amenities offer added value.

Transferring home warranties for appliances adds value for buyers and encourages a sale. Anything that saves time is going to help you in the end and motivate a buyer. Think about gift bags and “goodies” for buyers, too.

If you’re not marketing, you’re not competing.

Anyone who is trying to sell a Houston house fast knows that marketing is key in getting the word out and forcing a sale.

#9: Hire a photographer.

Any marketing you do is going to require quality photography. People want to see a house before they buy it and…

Did you know 80% of people shop the Internet first?

This number refers specifically to people looking to buy houses! It’s an easy way to investigate the market in the comfort of your own home. Houston is a large city, and if you want to sell a Houston house fast you need to compete in the online market. Think about paying for advertising to stand out and speed up sales.

#10: Eenie Meenie Minie Agent

Choosing a real estate agent is a crucial decision when trying to sell a Houston house fast. Their knowledge and experience is going to save you time and money, and I am a huge proponent of utilizing other people’s experience and education to save myself time! If you value your time, take the time to find the right agent for you. What is their specialty? What parts of Houston are they most familiar with? Consider your needs and meet them with the right agent.

The time of year can make a difference. Spring and Fall are best; scorching temperatures are miserable to walk around in, and Houstonians hate to be cold. Think about how to maximize your considering the time of year your house will be on the market. How can you make buyers most comfortable?

Sell a Houston House Fast // Summary

Following these suggestions will put you in the best position to optimize your house on the market. Sell a Houston house fast by prepping the house, pricing it right and utilizing competitive marketing.