How to Sell an Inherited House and Process Grief

Posted on May 21, 2018 by Amanda & Brandon Gladin

If you’ve recently inherited a house from a family member, you’re probably wondering how to sell an inherited house. Picture this…

Your mother has lived in the same house for most of her life, maybe all of yours. She spent time with your father there and raised you and your siblings in the home. It was the place where you found comfort even after you left home, and the place you were always welcome no matter what was going on in your life. It was so much more than a house to you, then and now…

You Own an Inherited House You Don’t Want

On top of everything you must be going through, you are now in charge of the daunting task of getting rid of an inherited house.

You can’t keep it for financial reasons. But you can’t just get rid of it either. There is work to be done, and it is all overwhelming. Renovations need to occur, but you can’t stop thinking about that kitchen update your mom always wanted but never had the time to do.

So let’s have a conversation no one wants to have. You can find all kinds of resources for people who want to buy your house, but let’s talk about handling the process productively while being able to walk through the emotions, too. I am here to help you.

Personal Advice Regarding Inherited Houses

Before we start trying to sell your home, I want to encourage you to be kind to yourself. In the midst of all the chaos, remember that your health and sanity is always more important than money or chores.

Often when I am overwhelmed, I can get to a place where I become stagnant. The emotions and list of things to do can be debilitating and it makes it difficult to move forward. Above all, remember yourself and those who love and support you. Do not get overwhelmed, and do not go through this alone.

Now… I want to help you see this house again.

How to Sell an Inherited House

It is always a good idea to verify ownership first if you want to sell an inherited house. In some states, heirs have the right to deny the inheritance and allow the house to go into foreclosure. Maybe this is the path of least resistance for you!

Find out what the house is worth before making improvements and assess the market before determining the updates you might like to make. I want to help you make the house beautiful, because it isn’t just a house. It was a home, and it will be again.

Concentrate on updates that can be made on a budget to make the home appealing to buyers. Don’t be afraid to use your nostalgia to your advantage, and see the house as a blank slate for a new family. For suggestions on how to prepare a house for a showing on a minimal budget, I would love to help you!

…Wait, How do I sell a House Again?

If you want to sell an inherited house yourself, I applaud your motivation! Experience has shown this is not always the most lucrative route.

If your real estate experience is minimal, you may consider just hiring an experience agent to sell an inherited house with you. It will increase your turn around time (and how much is your time worth to you?). Besides, don’t you have enough to process right now? Don’t be afraid to ask for help and delegate everything you possibly can.