4 Inexpensive Ways to Stage Your House for a Quick Sale During the Holidays

Posted on November 29, 2018 by Amanda & Brandon Gladin

It’s the holidays and everyone is busy, but you’ve been trying to stage your house for a quick sale admisdt the holiday chaos. If this sounds like you, I have some quick simple tips on how to stage your house for a quick sale.

The holidays can be a particularly challenging time to quickly sell your home.

People are focusing their finances elsewhere and trying to find time to fit in all their priorities. Holiday parties are in full swing and budgets are spent on gifts, vacations, toys, charity, and dining. A lot of potential home buyers are also traveling.

These are all reasons why staging your house for a quick sale are vital.

Stage Your House For a Quick Sale

Less is More

This is a standard rule for any season of staging your home for a quick sale, not just the holidays. The goal with staging is to be able to allow a shopper to envision themselves in your house by creating a neutral pallet.

Take down personal photos, store extra furniture and personables if you can and keep it clean and neat. Make the closets look more spacious by storing as much from them as you can as well, and making sure what is left is organized.

Create focal points with existing structures like fireplaces.

You might have to do away with the Superhero theme in the kids’ bathroom or your favorite purple accept wall in the livingroom when staging your house for a quick sale.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Some Holiday Flare

Less is more… but don’t be afraid to add some holiday flare when staging your home for a quick sale.

Put up a classy tree in the living room and add a few personal touches. Try to keep it holiday themed and not exclude any specific group with decorations that are too personable.

Keep your place cozy.

Staging your home for a quick sale should create a comfortable, welcoming space for those who are braving the cold to go house shopping. Keep a fire in the fireplace if you have one, light some scented candles and make the area comfortable.

Keep the Outside Classy

It might not be a good idea to power up the giant inflatable yard decorations when staging your home for a quick sale during the holidays. White lights are classy, simple and all encompassing. Make the entry way clean and welcoming.

Hang a simple green wreath. Make sure the yard is manicured.

It might not be as green as it would be in the spring, but you can still make it look classy.

Use the Internet for Vacationing Shoppers

80% of people shopping for a new house look to the Internet first. This fact can be especially crucial when staging your home for a quick sale during the holidays. Many people are travelling and the opportunity to give them a peek without having to drop by can make a huge difference in first impressions.

Internet marketing makes good photography a must.

Great photos can help sway a buyer’s opinion, so make sure photography is a priority. Making your photography seasonal will be eye catching to buyers.

Stage your house for a quick sale during the holidays with these simple tips.

They are all inexpensive, stress free and easy to implement. Remember to enjoy your holidays yourself, and don’t stress! In life always focus on the good and good things will come.

Happy holidays!