Need to fast sell house in Houston?

Posted on September 1, 2022 by Amanda Gladin

Need to fast sell house in Houston? We do this everyday. We can help move the property from for sale to sold in the blink of an eye. Normally there are a number of reasons someone may need to sell very quickly. Whatever the reason, you’re probably not alone.

Meeting a Deadline

There are times in life where time is of the essence. It becomes a main stressor when you have a timeline in mind, let alone when you are working on someone else’s timeline. 

Either way there are any number of reasons you may need to fast sell house. The best option is to just do it. 

Lets just review some of the things that cause some people to need to sell quickly. 

Tagged by the City

There are repairs or other things that can cause a house to be tagged by the city. Sometimes houses sit vacant for so long they are tagged by the city to prevent squatters taking up residence in them. Sadly, houses are also tagged due to fire or any number of other dangerous conditions.

The city that tagged them has the authority to set a date for demolition, most of which those dates lapse, but do NOT depend on those possible delays.

Another Tax Bill

Taxes! Everyone has them. Sometimes they can be useful, but sometimes not so much. Having to pay taxes on a house that you do not live in can sometimes feel like a real bummer. I mean for landlords they are making back their taxes with rent, hopefully. 

But for someone who inherited a house or maybe it’s a second home they thought they would keep, but just never make it back to enjoy the expense.

Facing Foreclosure

Dealing with financial stress is stressful enough, without worrying about whether you’re going to be able to keep a roof over your head. The stress of keeping that roof over your family’s head, can add so much to the burden you’re already carrying. 

Banks set a foreclosure date and they usually stick to those dates. However, in instances of you possibly being able to sell to fulfill the loan you have with them, sometimes with a little help from someone with knowledge of these lenders will delay to allow a little extra time. 

Key is not to hesitate, hoping you can catch up on the loan. Better to have something rather than nothing.

Other Reasons People Fast Sell House

There are quite a few, but these are just a few of the other reasons we see people fast sell house. Whether it’s a matter of there being more than one party making the decision or whether you just do not want to waste time fighting over something that is really just a needle in your side. 

Heck, even people that just do not want the pain of fixing a house up for someone other than yourself, causes people to fast sell house. It isn’t as strange as one might think. 

Inherited a Property

People inherit properties all the time from family members who pass, however not all people have this setup to be easy for the family they leave behind. In some rare instances houses get left behind in a trust, making the sale of the property simple. 

Unfortunately, most times people leave a will behind that has to be probated in order to sell the property or they leave no will at all. In either case with time and paperwork the heirs to the estate to sell. A will has a tendency to work out best if the executor is willing to follow the guidelines set in the will, but still has to be probated. 

However do not fret if no will was left behind, as long as all heirs can get on the same page. We have ways to help move the property into the heirs’ names, for them to be able to sell. 

Going thru a Divorce

Sadly, this happens. People that are divorcing sometimes fight over the material things because they are in a very emotional state. Then again some of our clients just want to cut their losses and move on. 

If fighting over the house, the judge will order the sale of the house, or give parameters as to the future of the property. 

In some instances though, both parties decide together that they are better off not married and sell without the fighting, just for the closure.

Repairs Needed

This happens the rarest in our business, not because it is rare, but because it usually comes along with all the many reasons listed above as well. Then there are people that do not want people in and out of their property while the property is listed on the market. Or the families that do not want to clean up behind their children every second of every day, awaiting new showings. 

Sometimes we all have reasons for the things we do and that is okay, we are allowed to lower our stress with convenience. 

If any of these situations or reasons resonate with you, give us a call. 

We are here and ready for whatever the situation may be.

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